is a compact package and multipurpose school management suite that helps to increase efficiency and productivity of school many fold. It is designed to provide state-of-art web technology so school may have a software solution that provides seamless control and instant availability of required information. Its user friendly interface and simplicity in navigation makes it markedly easy to use. This technology solution is incorporated with comprehensive set of modules and rich features that are aimed at improving operations, streamlining processes and providing you valuable insights.
This eSchool has been developed in close coordination with premium institutions and domain experts in the education sector and therefore promises a complete web based solution. It automate all the back office operations, enabling educational institutions to focus all their energies on education, teaching and enriching the lives of students.

  provides cloud based solutions to establish an effective communication system between School Management, Teacher, Staff, Parent & Student.

 Customizes the features based on the needs of the School.

 Provides Browser and Mobile App based access to the users.

 Instant, Efficient, Accurate access of data across all stakeholders of the system.

 Easy integration of data (notice, class routine, news, gallery, homework, parent meeting, exam. routine, transfer certificate) with school website, means there is no need to maintain the daily activity on website.

 Provides No Cost or Minimal cost solution to the School

  is a complete ERP

 Silent Features

 Administrator Section

  • Shift / Class / Section
  • Session
  • Working Days
  • Holiday
  • Calendar
  • Class Time Table
  • Exam Time Table
  • User Management

 Student Section

  • Admission / Registration of student
  • Student & Parent Details/Photo/Signature, Emergency Contact Details etc.
  • Class/Section/Roll No Updating
  • Promote Student
  • Transfer Certificate (TC)
  • Student Attendance Daily / Monthly
  • Parent Login Creation

 Fee Section

  • Generation
  • Fee Collection
  • Cash / Card Swap Payment
  • Online Payment
  • Late / Absent Fine Auto Calculate
  • Reminder Via SMS / Mail
  • Mange Fee Discount For Exceptional Student(s)

 CCE Report Section

  • Scholastic Marks
  • Co-Scholastic Marks
  • Self-Awareness & Health Details
  • Manage Main Subject (For CGPA Calc.)
  • Student Attendance Daily / Monthly
  • Marks view with CGPA report
  • Performance Report / Graph
  • Customized Printing Report Card

 Test / Examination Section

  • Subject Master
  • Grade Master
  • Exam/Test Master
  • Schedule Exam/Test
  • Manage Scheduled Exam/Test
  • Marks Entry
  • Graphical View of Performance
  • Publish Result On Website

 Transport Section

  • Driver Master
  • Vehicle Master
  • Route Master
  • Allot Driver with Vehicle
  • Map Vehicle with Route
  • Route wise Tariff
  • Map Student using this service
  • Student IN-OUT Status(Attendance)

 Library Section

  • Author Master
  • Publisher master
  • Book entry with accession code
  • Barcode printing
  • Issue / Receive of Book(s)
  • Member registration
  • Stock Entry (Purchases / gift / Sample)
  • Damage / Missing

 SMS & e-Mail Section

  • Auto message flush according to module
  • Custom, Easy & Quick Way to Send Message
  • Admission SMS/E-Mail to Parents
  • Student Absence SMS/E-Mail to Parents
  • SMS to Fee Defaulter Students
  • Thankyou SMS to parent after received fee payment

 HR & Staff Section

  • Staff Category Master
  • Staff’s Profile
  • Allowance & Deduction Type Master
  • Leave & Loan Mangement
  • Attendance of Staff Daily / Monthly
  • Genration of Salary
  • Prining/Update RTGS/NEFT of Salary
  • Update EPF / PPF / ESI

 ID Card, Event & Photo Gallery

  • Print ID Card Of Student & Staff
  • Define event Schedule
  • Update / upload event details
  • Create Album
  • Upload photo under selected album
  • Tag YouTube Video
  • Publish Gallery On Website

 Admin & Teacher Section

  • Birthday Wishes Via SMS / Mail
  • Schedule & Reminder (Notice)
  • User Management
  • Study Material Upload
  • Home Work Via SMS/Mail
  • Schedule Parent Meeting

 Goods / Item Section

  • Item Category Master
  • Item Master
  • Vendor / Supplier Master
  • Purchases Of Items
  • Issued / Used /Consumed Of Items
  • Damage & Return Entry

 Hostel Section

  • House Master
  • Room Master
  • Bed Master
  • Registration of Candidate / Student
  • Allotment of Bed to candidate
  • Hostel Charge (tariff)-Gross total)
  • Hostel Charge Details

  • Duty Roster for Hostel Warden
  • Duty Roster for Gate Warden
  • Duty Roster for Sweeper.
  • Duty Roster for Gardener.
  • OPD Schedule (Health Checkup)
  • Heath Checkup (Prescription Entry)
  • Medicine Distribution

  • Define location (Kitchen/ Auditorium etc)
  • Issue of items/goods from stock to location
  • Consumption of items/goods at location
  • Return Items / goods to Stocks

  • Payemnt Collection
  • Delay Reminder To Parent
  • Visitor Registration (Parent , Vendor, Staff and Other Group)
  • Generate Parent Meeting Schedule
  • Send Message to parent with respect to their schedule
  • Is Parent visit or not (Attendance of Parent)
  • Entry of Parent feedback / complain
  • Guest House / Quater Master
  • Quarter Allotment to Staff
  • Rent/Tariff Settelement with salary


  • Define Account Head
  • Daily Expense Entry
  • Entry Of Income From Other Source
  • Salary Payment To staff
  • Bill Generate Of Vendor / Supplier
  • Bill Payment To Vendor / Supplier
  • Dues Reminder To School Parent
  • Dues Reminder To Hostel Parent
  • Daily Collection Report(DCR)
  • Daily Payment Report(DPR)
  • Liabilty (Dues Of Vendor / Supplier / Other) Report
  • Statisticts Report Of Student , Fee Head Wise
  • Fee Head Wise Collection Report
  • Cloud based service
  • Required internet connection
  • Easily access on PC / LAPTOP / TABLET / PHONE(windows / android / ios)
  • Access any-time any-where Via
  • Parent can access from their PC / Laptop / Tablet / Phone
  • No require one-by-one student registration
  • Import data from excel in one click
  • Promote all student form one session to next in one click
  • No need of scan the photo and signature to upload
  • Capture student/parent Photo & Signature from Webcame
  • Easily define different fee head
  • A very easy to use fee collection
  • Fee head wise concession
  • Parent can pay fee online from any where any time
  • Easily mange examination schedule
  • Easily define examination is unit test , annual , board , internal or external or formative or summative assessment.
  • Define exam date, Exam start and end time and maximum and pass marks.
  • Marks details of student and Subject wise
  • Export results in excel very easy
  • Result publish on website automaticaly
  • Send SMS / emails to students / parents of examination result.
  • Reports are a strength of eSchool.
  • Data is not good for management unless mangement get the view accroding to their requirment.
  • eSchool have 30+ reports that helps management to analyze the data.
  • Management may still need something different
    • Design cutomized report without any cost.
    • Develop new module without any cost.
  • Team will do the reports you need related to your students, staff/employees, fees, library, exams, suppliers/vendor, hostel, parent, pending amounts and many more…
  • There are two modes of report layout are available.
    • Graphicals
    • Text
  • We believe in better service
  • Minimum Cost / Student / Year
  • 24 X 7 Support via eMail, Phone, Whatsapp, Teamviewer, Ammy Admin, Skype
  • For Tariff Details Please Mail / Phone / Write Us
  • Customized Report According To Management Requirement

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